The rules below are a basic summary. 

It is your job to abide by the full rule book.  


#1 Rule for all bikes is safety and crash protection. All fluids must be contained and drain/fill plugs must be safety wired. Sliders must be used so that no metal with scratch or gouge the racing surface in the event of a crash. 

Stock Moto

Decatur Countertop

CRF/XR100, DRZ125, TTR125, CRF125, CRF/XR80, KLX110, CRF110, BONE STOCK Grom / Z125

- Air cooled 4-Stroke, Max 125cc

- No internal engine modifications

- No chassis modifications

- No small wheel conversions

*CRF100 / XR100 / TTR125 may run 16" front wheel

*KLX 110 / CRF110 may run 12" wheels and DOT tires

- OEM forks and internals

- OEM rear shock

- OEM exhaust

- OEM air box

- Stock foot pegs

- May change springs and gearing


Super Street 125 (Grom / Z125)

Cameron Jones Racing

- Stock chassis, swingarm, wheels

- Stock engine with limited performance modifications

- May change controls, gearing, suspension

- See rule book for full list of approved bolt-on modifications


Formula 3 Amateur /Expert

Moto-D Racing

- Air Cooled 4-Stroke, 2-valve, Max 125cc

- Liquid Cooled 2 Stroke max 62cc

- Air Cooled 2 Stroke max 75cc

- Unlimited modifications on mid-sized bikes

- All Mini GP chassis bikes must remain stock (Ohvale, Bucci)

- YCF SM F150, SM F155 and Kayo MR150R allowed in crate form

* Amateur cutoff is 41.5 average lap time or better. Race director can bump riders at discretion and championship points are not carried over. Amateur will collect championship points for end of year trophies.


50 Cup Andy G Living Memorial

- Only CRF/XR50, TTR50, DRZ50

- Stock engine, exhaust, carb, etc

- May only change controls, jets, springs

Formula 2

- Air Cooled 4-Stroke Max 160cc

- Liquid Cooled 2 Stroke max 72cc

- Unlimited modifications on mid-sized bikes

- Mini GP chassis bikes must remain stock (Ohvale, Bucci)

Exhibition Classes 

Please visit our Facebook Group and check for others coming to have a class. Exhibition classes can be run with as few as three bikes.

Screen Shot 2021-05-19 at 8.36.28 AM.png


The #1 goal at all CIMM events is rider SAFETY. No rough riding. No passing when yellow is displayed in a corner.

Basic Rider Requirements

- Full face street or MX Helmet. Snell approved in good condition with no signs of damage.

- Road race or MX over the ankle boots

- Over the wrist gauntlet style leather gloves

- One or Two Piece leather race suit

- Back protectors highly recommended

- Please see CIMM rule book for full rider requirements.

Basic Bike Requirements

- All Bikes must have crash protection 

- All bikes must have plastic bar ends or plastic wrapped Bark busters

- All bikes much have folding pegs

- All bikes must have rubber or other protective means on pegs

- Fluid fill and drain plugs must be safety wired

- Must have street style tires, knobby tires are not allowed

- No overly loud bikes

- No bikes other than the approved model list

- Water, water wetter, engine ice and other non ethylene glycol types of coolant only.

- Must have catch cans for fuel, oil, and coolant overflows