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The rules below are a basic summary. 

It is your job to abide by the full rule book.  


#1 Rule for all bikes is safety and crash protection. All fluids must be contained and drain/fill plugs must be safety wired. Sliders must be used so that no metal with scratch or gouge the racing surface in the event of a crash. 

K&J Racing Solutions Stock Moto

CRF/XR100, DRZ125, TTR125, CRF125, CRF/XR80,

KLX110, CRF110, BONE STOCK Grom / Z125

- No internal engine or chassis modifications

- No small wheel conversions

*CRF100 / XR100 / TTR125 may run 16" front wheel

*KLX 110 / CRF110 may run 12" wheels

- OEM forks, shock and internals

- OEM exhaust and airbox

- Stock foot peg mounting

- May change springs, gearing and controls


Howling Moto Super Street 125

- Street legal 125cc bikes: Grom, z125, etc

Stock chassis, swingarm, wheels

- Stock engine with limited performance modifications

- May change controls, gearing, suspension

- See rule book for full list of approved bolt-on modifications


SV Racing Parts Formula 3

- Air Cooled 4-Stroke, 2-valve, Max 125cc

- Liquid Cooled 2 Stroke max 62cc

- Air Cooled 2 Stroke max 75cc

- Unlimited modifications within the displacement limits above

- YCF SM F150, SM F155 and Kayo MR150R allowed in crate form


Formula 2

- Air Cooled 4-Stroke, 2-valve, Max 160cc

- Air Cooled 4-Stroke, 4-valve, Max 125cc

- No liquid cooled 4-stroke
- Air Cooled 2-Stroke max 80cc

- Liquid Cooled 2-Stroke max 72cc
- Unlimited modifications within the displacement limits above

73 Moto Parts Formula 1

Air Cooled 4-Stroke, Max 190cc

- Liquid Cooled 4-Stroke max 150cc

- Air Cooled 2-Stroke max 125cc

- Liquid Cooled 2-Stroke max 105cc

- Unlimited modifications within the displacement limits above

K&J Racing Solutions 50 Cup

- Only CRF/XR50, TTR50, DRZ50

- Stock engine, exhaust, carb, etc

- May only change controls, jets, springs

Exhibition Classes 

Please visit our Facebook Group and check for others coming to have a class. Exhibition classes can be run with as few as three bikes.

Screen Shot 2022-01-26 at 3.07.37 PM.png


The #1 goal at all CIMM events is rider SAFETY. No rough riding. No passing when yellow is displayed in a corner.

Basic Rider Requirements

- Full face street helmet in good condition with no signs of damage are required

- Road race or MX over the ankle boots are required

- Leather over the wrist gauntlet gloves are required

- One or Two Piece leather race suit is required

- Back protectors are highly recommended

- See the CIMM Rule Book for full rider requirements

Basic Bike Requirements

- Plastic bar ends or plastic wrapped handguards are required

- Plastic sliders are required on pegs, axles and any other hard part that could touch the ground in a crash

- Fluid fill and drain plugs must be safety wired

- Bikes must have street style tires, knobby tires are not allowed

- No bikes other than the approved model list are allowed

- Antizreeze is not allowed. Water wetter additive is allowed

- Fluid catch cans are required on fuel, oil, and coolant overflows 

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