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CIMM has several opportunities to get your brand noticed with year long exposure.

Series Sponsor - Would you like the 2023 Sprint Series to be named after your brand? A series sponsor would pay for the garage rental at Mid-State Kart Club. Our private garage would feature your banner through out the season for the entire motorsports community to see. This garage helps store our rental machines and gear for the 2023 season and is $1,200 for the year. 

Single Event Sponsor - A single event sponsor can choose any of our 2023 Sprint races or our CIMM Midwest Shootout event as their own event. We will support your brand for that event with Social Media posts, main event name, etc. For example "August 18th is the Peak Helmets 20 Lap Main event"

Class Sponsor - Interested in sponsoring our CIMM Stock Moto class? The class would be named after your brand or business. It would be included on stickers, social media, and our email updates. In return you would supply year end awards and prizes; either financially, or via product donations. The year end trophies will even feature your logo to sit in living rooms for years to come. 

Rental Bike Sponsor - Want to be the leading force behind someone learning to race? Sponsor one of our rental bikes! A rental bike sponsor will make a one time monetary contribution of $350. This will outfit a rental bike with a custom graphics kit with your logo and a fresh set of tires.


Mini moto is an enormous opportunity to establish brand awareness to new riders. As a CIMM partner we aim to put your product or services to work for riders coming out to learn or race. This hands on experience is key to building new customers in an environment outside of traditional online or brick and mortar retail. We help provide an economical place for riders to truly test products in a safe and controlled environment. 

Many hobbyists form brand loyalty early on in their endeavors and that is where CIMM can help with grassroots learning and racing. As a CIMM product partner we would aim to keep your product available to our riders to use and test for the season. The product can then be returned or donated. 

CIMM Service Partners offer discounts to CIMM Members. CIMM can assist in distributing media and creating awareness for your service to the community. 

As an added bonus CIMM often competes in conjunction with the Mid-State Kart Club racing series. Mid-State Kart Club just outside of Springfield, Illinois is a true gem in our area. Established in 1960 Mid-State sees hundreds of racers and families every year. Mid-State hosts an array of motorsport special events as well as their own yearly series. Your brand will be cisible not only to CIMM Racers, but also to Mid-State's karting community.

Please Contact Us for more information!

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